Everyone has pivotal places—places where we can separate ourselves from the daily grind of this world, places that comfort us, places that we desire. We have places that remind us of both the strength and the fragility of life. We have places where we clothe ourselves in respect prior to our visit. We have places that are set apart—we have sacred spaces.

Sacred Spaces explores some of the common and uncommon sacred spaces of our world. This collection of images tells the story of sacred spaces—what these spaces are and how people interact with them. While many images in this collection are associated with religion, a space does not have to be “religious” in order to be sacred. Joseph Campbell once wrote, “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” There is no specific geographical pattern for the images in order to further emphasize how sacred spaces can be anywhere and everywhere.

This project came about as a result of my own realization of the importance of certain places and spaces in my faith journey. Early on, the project shifted from an autobiographical narrative to a reflection of universal experiences. I wanted the viewer to be able to relate to my experiences without knowing about my personality or the experiences specifically. Our lives are lived in physical spaces. Humanity affects these physical spaces, and these physical spaces affect humanity. There are many different definitions of faith and religion in today’s world, but Sacred Spaces reflects the fact that we are all involved in a story bigger than our own solitary life.



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